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Think globally, act locally and support your small business. Small businesses make up 47% of the US economy and are responsible for 64% of all new jobs being created. Not only are they the lifeblood of the economy, but they…

Daily Climate Fitness Regimen

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Symptoms: Feeling overwhelmed, helpless, and depressed. Cause: The constant and relentless doom and gloom news cycle relating to climate woes. Recommendation: Try eating your breakfast or lunch without checking the news on your phone, tablet, or TV. Projected benefits: This will ease your anxieties,…

Climate anxiety?


Global temperatures rising, and major drought affecting millions… sheer magnitude of the ecological problems we face makes climate anxiety all too real. Dentists are seeing a surge in teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Psychologists are treating an ever-increasing number of…

Saving our planet!

Saving our planet!

Merle Liivand, ECO mermaid swam 26.2 miles (46 km) under 11 hours in Biscayne Bay to bring awareness to ocean pollution. She did it with no hands, only using a mono-fin. What started as a dare and a challenge by…