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Beauty and Talent with Purpose

The ECO Channel is changing the narrative on what it is to be ECO friendly by sponsoring The Fashion Swimwear ECO Challenge. 

This new TV series with national exposure offers a glimpse of what it means to Gen Z and Gen Y to be “green.”

Through a series of challenges, our contestants showcase how sustainability is now an integral part of their being and is reflected in their lifestyle. 

The road to the Fashion Swimwear ECO Challenge is a long one. Over 100 applicants registered, 35 were part of the live casting and 12 were selected. Now, 8 remain after the first challenge. 

The result? An exciting, uplifting, emotional show reshaping our perspective towards a positive and earth-conscious future for us all. 

We encourage you to support this amazing group of contestants as they push forth on this journey. Tweet, promote using @the_eco_channel hashtag on IG AND register (free) to become a member of the ECO Channel: GET INVOLVED | The ECO Channel

You are invited to attend the live taping of the Grand Finale on August 21st in Miami. 

Sponsor packages available. Contact us: or 267 978 6933.

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