Cameras, Lights,…Make Money!!!

Here is a great opportunity for innovative brands to get tons of exposure and make a lot of money by being featured in an exciting, uplifting TV show.

The ECO Channel is getting ready to film Season 2 of the ECO Challenge TV series to premiere on the Discovery Channel to over 100 million subscribers!

Would you like to spotlight your products? showcase your advocacy? or be a guest judge and sponsor one of the challenges?

This year we are adding a huge ongoing social media campaign that will culminate in a Grand Finale winner.

Contestants will address ECO challenges in ocean water, tourism, food, fashion, and business.

Contact us to learn more about each challenge and how you can get involved. Text/call: 267 978 6933. Email: info@theecochannel.com

Serious about contributing to a safer, healthier planet? Then join us, time is NOW.

To register as a contestant, we welcome ECO-conscious males and females (18 years+). You MUST have a strong social media presence. Submit your application at: www.theecochannel.com/fashion-eco-challenge or click here.

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