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The ECO Channel – A Media Company Focused on Promoting Environmental Advocacy Towards Current Environmental Issues .Our mission at The ECO Channel is to create a unifying front against climate change by strengthening environmental advocacy and increasing public knowledge of current environmental challenges. The environmentalist viewpoint was traditionally and commonly marginalized and improperly communicated on popular media. However, more and more people are adopting environmental campaigning as the threat posed by climate change and other environmental disasters grows. We at the ECO Channel want to help those who wish to safeguard the environment but lack the skills or resources by providing educational tools and other possibilities. 

We also want to increase public awareness of current environmental challenges. If we want to save the earth, we need to act quickly since time is running out. The rewards of environmental campaigning are well worth the effort and discipline required. We’ve gotten used to a certain way of life, but we must modify it if we want to protect the sacredness of the natural world. At the ECO Channel, we want to be that agent of change and to help inspire others towards doing their part in sustaining a healthier planet. The media has an enormous influence over the buying decisions and lifestyle of the public. At The ECO Channel, we want to use that influence in a positive way by promoting environmental advocacy towards current environmental issues, so that we can make a difference in the world of ecology. Together, we can all significantly impact the future sustainability and health of the world. Watch the ECO Channel for top-notch programming that informs, promotes, and inspires action regarding today’s environmental issues.