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On April 21st (Earth Day) we launched the ECO Channel, the ONLY “green” Channel in the US.

In a few short months, we have produced a six-episodes reality TV series, a Sustainability Symposium and 20 original content pieces.

From fashion to real estate, boating, energy, travel and many other industries, The ECO Channel reports on eco-friendly, sustainable initiatives geared towards a safer and healthier planet.

The ECO Channel is rapidly building the first multiplatform 24hr channel dedicated exclusively to preserving and improving our environment.

We are curating and creating an extensive library of original content that entertains, educates, informs, challenges, and inspires,

Let’s partner or collaborate on this worthwhile venture. email us at info@theecochannel.com, call 267 978 6933 or let’s set up a zoom call.

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On March 13-15, 2022 the ECO Channel will curate a Sustainable Beauty Pavilion at IBS NY, Jacob Javits Center. IBS is the largest and most sought-after beauty show in the US.

Only twenty (20) of the newest, hottest, best beauty brands will unveil their eco-friendly organic products. Many celebrities will be in attendance. Beyonce, Oprah, Celine Dion, De Caprio are all invited. Already two (yes 2) Miss Universe and top executives at QVC and HSN have confirmed their participation.

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