NO MORE Business as usual

“Half of humanity is in the danger zone, from floods, droughts, extreme storms, and wildfires,” says U.N. general secretary general Antonio Guterres.
In the US more than 100 million people are under heat alerts in 24+ states. Wildfires are still destroying thousands of acres in California daily.

YES, the climate is changing regardless of human interaction but there is overwhelming evidence that humans have accelerated that process 1000 folds and we are now facing a cliff.

Water is our most precious resource. It is our absolute duty to preserve it in order to continue enjoying our way of life and for future generations. There is no planet B.

We do have the means and technology to irrigate the entire US easily through piping, proper conservation, and by setting up a national water policy. At the continental level, America has the largest share of the world’s freshwater resources (45%).

It’s not that hard. Building a 13,000 miles long wall in China 3000 years ago was hard.

What is missing is the will to do it. We must shed the business-as-usual mindset because if we don’t act, everyone will suffer, regardless of social status or political affiliation.

This is not a game. There are only 2 (two) options. As Mr. Guterres says: “We can choose collective action or collective suicide.” I have chosen option one. Let’s create little wins as they pave the way for bigger wins. 1% beats 0%.

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