Saving our planet!

Merle Liivand, ECO mermaid swam 26.2 miles (46 km) under 11 hours in Biscayne Bay to bring awareness to ocean pollution. She did it with no hands, only using a mono-fin. What started as a dare and a challenge by her mentor Usain Bolt became a life mission that made her a 4 X Guinness World record holder.

Michelle Mclean, ECO Channel international sales director (former Miss Universe) received the humanitarian award of the year for her 20+ years in conservation and protecting wildlife habitats.

Whatever your passion, everyone can and must do their part. Daily recycling, conserving energy, and buying or investing in sustainable businesses, we all need to make a concerted effort to change the status quo.

Tell us what you do at your job or at home that you see has had an impact. #oceanlovers #animalwelfare #conservation

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