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ECO Top 10, FRANCE on Vimeo

Join us in Paris Oct 25, 26 and 27 for the filming of the Best Green Start ups in France.

Itika Floral Designs & Fragrance on Vimeo

Itika Oldwine-Grimble speaks to the ECO Channel on the importance of reuse and recycling in her business.

Grottini @ Cruise Line Interiors on Vimeo

James Damian Chief Strategic Design Officer for Grottini explains his company’s ethos.

Feel the vibe

The Aspen Ideas Climate was a huge success. Watch for our 5 part series only on The ECO Channel.

Merle Liivand interviewed by ECO Channel host and former Miss Universe Michelle McLean.

The ECO Channel Earth Day Celebration

The ECO Channel Earth Day Celebration

The ECO Channel Earth Day launch

It’s here!!! Celebrating the birth of the first ever “green” channel in the US.

The ECO Channel content coverage

Here are the 5 areas of focus.

The ECO Channel: Expect the unexpected video teaser

Peace and tranquility

When chaos surrounds you; retreat.

America’s TOP salons.

Telling stories on salons during and after the pandemic.

Sense & Sustainability: One on one with Bob Denison founder of Denison Yachts.

Bob Denison describes how there is an unprecedented push from yacht owners and builders towards finding more

The ECO Channel CEO’s Interview

All you wanted to know about the YES Channel from its creator Michel Thomas. Host Fernanda Lucas.

The power of one

Now more than ever we need to support, encourage, uplift and embrace one another. It starts with one, one person at a time.

The ECO Channel

Ocean Exchange Competition

Each year The Ocean Exchange competition provides funding and a great platform for movers and shakers to get involved…

Green Spotlight: Mang Gear Apparel

An apparel company dedicated to coastal restoration. For every ONE item you buy they will plant ONE tree.

From Soil to Store episode 5 final

from soil to store episode 4 final

From Soil to store episode 3

From Soil to store episode 2 final

From Soil to store Episode 1

Oris Watches

Oris watches. Giving back and investing in sustainable endeavors.

Angela Caglia Skin care

727 Sailbags recycled fashion

Parodi Professional Care

Company founder Linda Gillette introduces her brand

One More Wave

The pleasure of giving back