Why ECO Channel MUST Exist

With a raging war in Ukraine and soaring energy prices, people seem more concerned about saving money than saving the planet. The prevailing argument is renewable energy cannot meet the current needs of industries that power our lifestyle. That is true.

But what are the alternatives?

A. More drilling. The problem is -correct me if I’m wrong-, that at the current extraction rate the world oil reserve (oil in the ground) will be vanished in 50 years. Millennials and Gen Z will have to figure this one out which is quite unfair.

B. Buy more oil from other countries. Several producing countries are not very friendly to us. Buying from them will come at a cost premium, will further increase our dependence, and may even provoke unwarranted conflicts.

C. Conserve, recycle, reuse. It offers a viable solution that needs to be massively expanded. However, in the context of our interwoven economies its impact is still minimal in scope.

There is a glaring alternative: Technology. More specifically: Green Technology.

The ECO Channel MUST exist to unleash its power as a force multiplier.

As humans, we thrive in turning abstract concepts into profitable and highly lucrative commodities. Nowadays, creation of wealth is a direct result of many technological advances. From GPS satellites to cryptocurrency or landing on Mars, we excel by tackling and confronting complex challenges. For many of us it is our Life mission or “raison d’être”.

Why can’t we use that same spirit and drive to find renewable energy solutions that meet the demand of today’s economy? The only barrier is our collective unwillingness to do so. Let me explain:

1. Europe has clearly indicated that it wants to become independent from Russia’s oil and gas. Using current models and processes will take 5 to 10 years and many billions of dollars in capital investment (increase port infrastructure, refineries, laying out pipes, etc..) to make this a reality. Why not put those billions to use and start working on a scalable plan, a modern grid for clean, renewable, and affordable sources now? Same time frame, same cost: better outcome.

2. We have proof that cars can be powered by something other than gas. Why not do the same for boats, ships, and planes? Green technology is the answer.

3. As stated earlier, fossil fuel is not renewable. The Sun is and does not belong to one specific country. Technology is the answer to transforming this distant planet into an abundant, plentiful, and renewable fuel source.

Holding on to unreliable, dangerous, obsolete, and old “fossil’ ways is clearly unsustainable. Will you go back to a dialer phone with a cord now that you have a cell phone? Probably not.

We have survived losing 6 million in a pandemic. We will survive this raging war in Europe. What’s next? Creating a better future for us and our kids by rewiring our brains towards a less toxic way of life.

Green technology is the answer and the catalyst for millions of new, good paying jobs.

There are thousands of advocates, researchers, and bright individuals working hard every day to find solutions to a safer, healthier, and cleaner Earth. The ECO Channel is their voice, and therefore The ECO Channel MUST exist.

Add yours and support us by creating an unstoppable movement towards Better. From a participant to a stakeholder, $100 get you started. Contact us for details.

Michel Thomas, CEO

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